Wednesday, June 22, 2011


It’s been a long time that I wasn’t able to write a blog.  And I really missed it.  I was so busy with so many things that are quite important that I have to make some sort of sacrifices, including this one.  By the way, I would like to ask you something, are you happy with your life? Are you satisfied and contented with what you’re doing and with what you have so far?  Yesterday I talked to one of my old friend, she’s in her mid 40’s and still single.  I ask her on why she didn’t get married, she just smiled and said she’s not yet contented being single, and there are so many things she want to do and to achieve before she consider on settling down.  Is she happy? You might wonder, YES! That’s what she told me.  After talking to her, while walking on my way home, I did think about her situation because I don’t see few of my friends who think and live like her. I was thinking on what would it be like when she gets old? She seems to always want for more, searching and getting for more.  Well there’s nothing wrong with it, I think.  But there are things in life that are more important, like family and friends, than recognition and achievement. Knowing what to treasure in our life is very necessary in order to be happy and being happy will bring us contentment.  We won’t be looking far because we know we have what we want and what we need in this life. 

I hope you’re still following my blog.  As I always give my best to able to keep on inspiring you with my photos and simple thoughts because that’s what I love and that’s what makes me happy.  I’m wishing you all a wonderful day.  Always remember to take a deep breath, smile and make a wish.


  1. Yes, I am happy with my life. Everyday is an opportunity to be happy about. Love those photos and motivational quotes you put along.

    1. yes this is the right attitude to live life , if we spent life happily then the earth would become heaven for us .
      think positive and live happy .