Friday, April 29, 2011

Photos and quotes about FAILURES AND FEARS

Who don’t want to fail? Who want to live a life without fears? Me! I hear you answer in chorus. lol Anyway, neither we can escape failures nor we can get rid of from our fears.  We have no other choice but to face them and accept the fact that they’re always part of our existence. We must always remember that we are the one who’s in control of our life and that also means we can control our failures and fears.  Being optimistic, prayerful and humble matters a lot when it comes to dealing those things, accepting that we are not perfect and knowing there’s someone who love and care us most will make us able to tackle life’s troubles and fears.

Anyway, I hope you will enjoy all of my photos added with simple thoughts about failures and fears.  Don’t forget to take a deep breath, make a wish and smile. Everything is in your hands, take it or leave it.


  1. wow,, Great. I like The POst... i Like The Picture.. it inspires ourselves..

  2. @yaheu Thank you very much yaheu.I did visit your blog.

  3. I just read your quotes and your quotes are strong and powerful. My favorite quote with the picture is: "Always remember the more you fail the more you are close to victory." This is precisely correct.

    I had a little problem reading the quotes since to my eyes the font is too small.

    Thank you I enjoyed Failures and Fears very much,


  4. @Terrans Thank you so much my friend for Again visiting my blog and I am happy to know that you enjoy being here. I wish you have a wonderful day!