Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Photos and quotes about SUFFERING

I would like to ask you something, do you ever think and consider pain and suffering as important as joy and happiness? Do you believe it’s necessary to suffer?  If yes, Amen to you!  I ask you those questions because it’s what my photos and quotes all about today.

We all experience suffering and pain; however it differs on how we react and deal with it.  If we try to look around, we see many people who are less fortunate, people who suffered more, and who needs more attention and care, yet they seems to be alright, still able to laugh and smile and keep on living.  You may wonder and ask yourself on how they able to live a life like that?  The answer lies on the wisdom they’ve gain from every suffering and pain they’d been through.   So you’ll see how important it is to suffer in order to live. It’s like an armor that will shield us against life’s sorrows and troubles.  A friend of mind told me once, “If you want to get through with pain, you’ll need to ignore it by finding someone who’s suffered more and help them with the best that you can.” Well, that can be real hard, because it’s not easy to ignore what we feel, and often times we are trapped with our emotions. It needs a lot of love, courage and will to do it. Being caught with pain and suffering makes our world grow smaller, that’s why we are suffocate and get depressed.

Anyway, for me suffering and pain is what we need to discover our nothingness, to know and experience the presence ,power  and love of God. I just hope and pray that you will always get through whatever life brings you. Have a great weekend! And don't forget to take a deep breathe, exhale, make a wish and smile!

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