Friday, April 15, 2011

Photos and quotes of Peace and Happiness

Who wouldn’t want to be with happy?  Who would like to sit down with sadness and misery? Of course no want to be unhappy, that’s why each day we strive hard to find that elusive happiness. You know I was surprised way back then when somebody told me that there are many people who are neither happy nor sad, these were the kind of people who wakes up, eat, work and sleep. They called this people”walking dead.” They lost that spirit and fire to dream and to believe that life is beautiful.  Their past experiences ruled their present and kill their future happiness. I don’t really know if it’s true, it’s only you who knows. If it’s true then I really felt sad and sorry for them, because they missed the greatest opportunity to live and discover the gift of life.

Anyway, my photos and quotations at this time are all about peace and happiness. I am happy to share with you my simple thoughts about it. And I hope you will be happy. Just breath, think less, love more, share often and smile always!


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