Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Photos and quotes about TIME

Let me ask you a question, how did you spend your time today? If you are going to look back would you consider “today” as one of your most memorable moment of your life? Or if not, does your day make other lives better? If not then perhaps you might like to stop and think if you are using your time wisely.

The saying goes “time is gold” and it’s priceless. Time is our life. We can’t purchase time on the market; yet, mostly our work bought our time. Millions of people spend almost all of their life working and missed to enjoy the gift that they have, life, family, and love ones. Time is fleeting, as season’s change kids grow so fast. Before they would asked you so many questions even silly and stupid ones, lol bothered you to read and tell stories and oftentimes annoys you by following wherever you go as if like your shadow. And when they grown up you will rarely see nor talk to them, they walk away and live their own life. So we must always treasure each day being with our family and our kids. Problems and troubles are always around us until we leave in this world, but our kids won’t be a kid forever. What we have today is what we are going to have in the future, the memory will always remain on us the moment we look back and reminisce our past.

Anyway, I’ve been talking a lot and you must be sleepy, ah! I see you are yawning! Lol Before you go please take a look at my photos and read those simple thoughts and finally remember to spend your time wisely, take a deep breath, make a wish and smile…Have a great day!

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