Thursday, October 25, 2012

Appreciate the beauty of Life

A week ago, I received a text from an old friend who’s living abroad and she told me that she won’t be coming back to Philippines and she’ll be staying in there for good.  I was kinda sad ‘coz I may not see her again but somehow I felt happy for what she have a good and happy life.  This makes me realized how people in our lives come and go,  in a way we simply didn’t expect, it’s indeed true that we often appreciate things when they’re gone, we know their value and importance once they’re not around and thus it’s right to cherished whatever we have, it might person, things, good health, love and everything that makes us happy, makes us able to live, enjoy and experience the gift of life.   

On the other day, I had this very irritating mouth sore and it losses my appetite, left me hungry, and give me hard time brushing my teeth and you know what those moment makes me promised myself to eat whatever I like and stop on diet. He…he…he…   Well anyways, life can be really funny for we make stupid things, and life can be fun for we never fear to try and experience the gift of life, see the beauty of it and live with it.  I just hope and wish everyone to keep on going, to keep on believing that life is beautiful and never quit living and doing good until the end.

I hope you will love and enjoy my images and quotes.  Have a wonderful day and may God Blessed us All…

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