Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Images about Simplicity

What I always love about living in a small town is the simplicity of living, the comforting silence of nature and peace which can’t be found in the big city, well that’s for me.  And if you grow up in an urban area, living in a small town can be real boring as that’s the word I often heard from a city friend.  

Well anyway, in every aspect of our life we are taught about the importance of simplicity, doing things in simpler way in order to be good and great, but most of the times we ignore or let me say we fail because our notion about success is doing something difficult and complicated in order to achieve.  When in fact great things start from small beginnings, or doing simple good things each day will make you a great person someday.  Life is simple.  Life is good and beautiful. We are the one who make things complicated by doing what is wrong, making selfish decisions and looking things in a quite tough ways.

So, this is all for now and I’m wishing you a day full of joy and happiness…I hope you will enjoy my photos and simple thoughts this time.

1 comment:

  1. Your photos and words put me under a charm. After sitting in grateful silence, I discovered the totally renewed world around - thank you for the help to listen to inner light and enjoy my path.
    Your blog is just fabulous. Tomas Karkalas bow to you - Thank you for the unforgettable minutes that you gifted to me while viewing your creations.