Friday, November 18, 2011

Random thoughts and images

There are those moments when I want to write but idea seems to be elusive and when good things come to my mind I am about to sleep, and there are those times when I search for some things that I really need and couldn't to find it but when I don’t need it anymore it immediately showed up.   Those situations makes me realized that everything happens for a reason and things come in the right time.  I learned that when things went wrong all I need to do is be still and go on with the flow and trust God for he works his plan.  There was a time, way back then, when I was still studying, I got a failure examination in my statistics.  And I can’t believe on why it happens when I study a lot, pray to God and give my best. I cried the whole night because I can’t accept the truth and worry about my parent’s reactions when they found out, then on the following day my dean called me to come to his office, I felt depressed, but surprised when He told me that he make mistakes on checking my test paper and in fact I got a higher score and I was like wow! I waste my time crying when in fact I should be happy.

Well anyway, have you ever understand the reason behind all those bad things that happens to your life?  Do you ask yourself or God why it happens?  When things don't come my way, I used to look back my past experiences and how I get through with it and that’s how I get my strength to face my troubles and mistakes.  I always told myself that it’s just a bad day and tomorrow or soon it will be different just like before.

Anyway, at this time my photos and quotes are random thoughts and I hope somehow I inspire you to live, love and enjoy life.  I am always praying that you may have enough courage and strength to face the day.  Thanks for reading my Blog.


  1. Nice post. I love reading motivational quotes etc. Happy blogging to you

  2. @AriesThank you very much Aries, nice blogging as well.