Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Why choose to have faith?

A friend of mine told me that having faith doesn’t change your situations, it only change how you look at your own circumstances in a more positive and hopeful way.  Having faith makes your heart and mind go into flow of unknown with confidence and belief that it will lead you to the truth and happiness of life.

Way back then, I hardly forget how I learned about faith in God.  I was been into depression for like 2 months, it was hard because neither I tell nor show it to my friends and my family about my condition, I kept it to myself.  I can’t sleep and can’t eat well, I was so nervous and thought like I’m going to die, I even think about committing a suicide, but one thing that I remember (since I grown up in a quite religious family) to pray though I doubt God’s existence. I pray so hard and cried so much…I beg for His help and ask Him why things happen and I even swear to Him that it would be the last time that I’m going to pray and I will commit a suicide, but after crying for like an hour, I fall asleep.  That was the first time that I able to sleep for 6 straight hours in two months.  I really feel so good  and it was like my worries is not that scary anymore, I feel so refresh and I just can’t explain how I feel that time, I was so happy, even though my problems is not gone, but I feel stronger and confident and that time I know God exist.  If it wasn’t for Him, I won’t be here anymore.  I do believe in God and I do believe in Jesus Christ.

Faith lives in our heart while fear dwells in our mind.  God choose to live in our heart because it is in our heart where love resides and it is His love where we are created.

May Jesus Christ touch your heart to love and live each day with love to yourself and to others, have faith because He loves you so much.

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