Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Photos and quotes about FAITH and GOD

How’s everybody? Well I hope you guys were doing great. You know before, I thought of just adding photos and quotes every week but now since I have enough time, I make it every other day, just as of this moment.
Today’s topic is about God and our faith to Him, this is what came up to my mind while I was watching sunset  yesterday, it really amaze me, the beauty of  nature gives me inspiration and I know most of you feel and experience the same thing. So when I got home, I wrote quotations and selected some of my photos.

Few weeks ago, I'd read a news,  through a blog about the extinction of belief and religion, as it says in western country there are millions of people who didn’t have religion, and  in the long run religion will be gone as lots of people don’t give importance on it for so many reasons. Well actually I am not surprised with it, as I have known few people who have religion yet didn’t practiced what they believe. For me it doesn’t matter what’s your religion, what’s important is what you did to others especially to those who are in need. We are one people created in one God.

I want to share with you this quite funny Jewish Proverb; it says “If God live on earth, people would break His windows.” Ummm  and I am sure you are one of them, or me..lolThere are few of us (including me, of course) who ask and blame God when things went wrong in our life, we question His existence ,doubt and ignore His presence. Well for me God must be good, because even though I break His windows millions of times, lol  He still let me in to His home. I always find strength and courage through Him.  I also hope you will able to find way to get through Him. I wish my quotes could help. Have a wonderful day! God Bless everyone…. 


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