Monday, April 25, 2011

Photos and quotes about Laughter

Have you ever smile and laugh today? If you do, how many times?  Why am I asking to you? Simply because I want to remind you to laugh in case you forget.  There are those moment when I find it hard to laugh and even smile, but then every time I look myself at the mirror, I laugh simply because of what I see.  lol , it’s not funny, is it? Anyway, life is short, that’s the truth, we must always remember.  So why waste our time indulge with negative feelings and emotions when we can be happy.  It’s our choice we have to make and a decision we are going to take for a lifetime. You may always find a reason to laugh and smile despite life’s trouble and pain.  Hope you will enjoy with my photos and thoughts.  So be happy, take a deep breath, make a wish and smile.  

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