Saturday, April 16, 2011

Photos and quotes about PRAYER

There are some people who find it hard to pray simply because they didn’t have time, they didn’t know and others they don’t believe on it. Well I can’t blame them, because we’re all different, we live in a different environment and grown up with different family. What matter is we are here living and doing as much as we can to be a better and good person. That’s the hardest part. But for me prayer is like an air that we breathe, it keeps me alive and it keeps me going.  When I was a kid we were taught how to pray. I grown up in a catholic family and my mother taught us how to pray the Holy Rosary every night, and so it was part of our day way back then. Anyway let me leave with you a quote from one of famous saint, Francis Asisi, he said “When we pray to God we must be seeking nothing - nothing.

Wish you have a great weekend and just breathe, make a wish and smile :-)


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